Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Welcome to My Crowded Brain

Today I find my head going in so many different directions that I don't know what to focus on.  Here's a short list of thoughts that are taking up space in my head right now: 
  • an upcoming speaking engagement,
  • upcoming writing deadlines 
  • thanksgiving plans,
  • budget concerns,
  • a sick child,
  • paying for college,
  • my husband's job stability,
  • Cub Scouts,
  • PTA,
  • a messy house,
  • laundry,
  • AND what to make for dinner!
With my head so crowded with all of these things, it's no wonder that I'm getting so little done today!  So, with that in mind (along with everything else) today I'm going to share a song with you that we sing during the month of November at my preschool.  It's simple.  It's sweet.  And, I think, it's the perfect thanksgiving prayer.

Thankful am I for all God gives to me.
Thankful am I for all God gives to me.
I'm thankful for my home,
and for my family.
Thankful am I for all God gives to me.


  1. I'm looking into publishing a children's songbook and would like to include that thankful song. Do you have any idea as to its source?

  2. Hi Scott! I don't know for certain where I found that song but I did use a lot of songs from Wee Sing Bible Songs. That's worth a look. Good luck!